Guest author G. Mitchell Baker! Awesome person and excellent writer.

“Jon Emerson, no longer the arrogant professional, no longer sovereign over meaningless relationships, experiences meaningful connections with his children, others.”


Jon Emerson, no longer the arrogant legal professional and no longer the sovereign over meaningless relationships, finds himself on the streets of Seattle, eventually experiencing meaningful relationships with the likes of Bug Dog, Chilly, Lutza, Speedy G, Abra, and Dana. They all, in their own way remind, and sometimes teach Jon to remain involved in his Childrens’ lives, and to honor their need for their father, to remain involved.

Take up with Jon on his journey, and learn whether he listens more, and perhaps learns enough to sustain any commitment for re-connecting with his children. Follow Jon to discover whether there emerges from him a sense of faith perhaps necessary for Jon to be the best father possible, under all circumstances, regardless of any challenge. Or, will Jon be left to consider more of what it will take to be, and remain a man involved. Find Jon, as he finds for himself what it takes to be involved in meaningful relationships.


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New novel from Mitch Baker

New novel from Mitch Baker

                 The Involvement of Emerson:

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Lethal Believers:

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