Brenda Perlin author of Homewrecker

Brenda’s spirit is incredible.  I had the opportunity to ask her a quick question and she just blew me away with her answer.  I know you’ll love her as much as I do.  Please welcome my special guest for today, author Brenda Perlin.  Be sure and click on the links at the end of the blog to find out more about her and how to purchase her incredible story.


Have you ever had a moment, even if it was a split second when someone noticed you for the unique person you are or complimented you on a job well done? Do you remember what that feels like in your heart?

The happiest moment in my experience as a writer thus far has been the acceptance letter I received from my present publisher, Master Koda Select. Several months back I sent my manuscript titled Home Wrecker into this publishing company with the hopes they might consider representing me. Before this happened I was starting to have self-doubt but I was not going to give up hope because I wanted them to represent me with all my heart. As the weeks passed, my optimism started to leave my body. My six sense told me we were a good fit and continued to wish for this to become a reality. Yet, as the days passed, my confidence started to dissipate. Even if tried not to stress, those negative inner voices were stored in my subconscious.

The day I received this letter I had almost given up on this dream becoming a reality. Even though this company has not been in existence for long, I had a feeling about them. Call this a hunch but I knew we could work well together. I got to know Kim Mutch Emerson from Facebook and I loved her ongoing encouragement and support she showed authors. She was always available to help at a moments notice.

Besides the gratitude I have for Kim and the Master Koda family, Arlene R O’Neil  must know how much I appreciate her. We met a while back after I read her moving book called Broken Spokes. Her story inspired me so much that I decided to contact her. Right away I sensed an instant connection. In a way, our sad stories bonded us. At least, that is how I felt.Months later when I got out of a bad contract with my first publisher, Arlene suggested I send my manuscript to Kim at Master Koda. Before then, I never even considered doing that. I was not prepared for any new rejection. Instead of being negative, I decided to give it a try and follow through with Arlene’s suggestion.

It is my belief that fate stepped in and made this union a reality. All it took was for the stars to be in perfect alignment. The camaraderie that we have is already so satisfying. Being a part of the Master Koda family makes me extremely proud. I’d jump up and down on rooftops, if I could. Instead, I am just going to share my story of gratitude. 

Author bio

I live in Orange County, California. I have spent most of my working life in the physical fitness arena. I love the gratification that comes with helping people achieve their fitness goals and I love the fulfillment that comes with having a healthy body.


I moved from the Los Angeles area where I was raised to Orange County in the Spring of 2005. During that time I was a housewife with a couple of dogs. Now I am not. Instead I am writing my adventures for all to read.


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