Romance is in the air. . .best story about love Contest

Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and it always makes me wonder why we buy into this ‘holiday’.  Are we all just hopeless romantics hoping to find that amazing someone to make our lives complete?  Is there such a thing as true love?  Are the romance novels true or just fantasy?

I believed at one time true love was a myth.  No one could be blissfully happy with one person for a lifetime, right?  There is, well, life getting in the way of spending countless hours staring into the eyes of your soul mate, sweating palms after holding hands too long and just a general feeling of ‘go away’ once you’ve spent too much time with the same person.

My grandparents were an enigma to me.  They were a happy couple with a healthy respect and genuine love for each other.  My grand dad told her on their wedding day, “I love you Betty and if that ever changes I’ll let you know!”  It never did.

Do you or anyone you know have that ‘special, once in a lifetime love’?  Please let me know.  I’d love to hear your story. 

The best story will win a hard copy of “Treasured Love”.  (U.S. entries only for anyone else the prize is a Kindle version of the book.)



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