I thought some of you would like to see some great regency era photo’s.  Such an elegant time period. Enjoy!!

In this era, they had a party for everything. Some times girls would spend hours, I do mean hours, getting ready just to be seen.  That’s it, seen.  They went from house to house being seen.  We just use Facebook today, lol.

How would you like to be picked up in one of these? Fun, as long as you don’t have a long way to go.

Such an elegant time.  Beautiful gardens, dashing men and beautifully adorned women.

Girls day out!

Simple, yet stunning!

I have to include the cover from my first book, Treasured Love.  It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

And here’s the cover for my second book, Lord Tristan’s True Love.  Sweet!!

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Lord Tristan’s True Love (Kindle only)

Synopsis:  Did you know that the society of Regency England forced members of the ton to marry should they been seen in public together? The unescorted young lady’s reputation would be quite ruined otherwise.

This book is one such story and tells of Miss Caroline Denise Whittingham’s misadventures in trying to get her betrothed to ‘cry off’. Unfortunately, one of her scheme’s has her thrown out of the realm of society and her betrothed, Lord Tristan Darlington, refuses to end the engagement until she finds her way back into their good graces. Of a certainty the odds of regaining favor with the peerage are slim, in 1820 London, but Lord Darlington is a great friend of the Countess Lieven and enlists her aid.
Caroline finds him to be a pompous, stuffy lord who is puffed up with himself and his reputation; not caring a whit for her. In her efforts to expel Lord Darlington, she is deliberately rude to him in public and pretends that she is afraid he will hurt her. These escapades force him to show his nastier side to the peerage that he so desperately wants to impress.

The sparring between Miss Whittingham and Lord Darlington cause many a raised eyebrow in society, which makes the book amusing and charming to read. It is my sincere desire that you will find this book energetic as well as entertaining for it has been a pleasure to write.

Treasured Love (Kindle and Paperback)

Synopsis:  Phillip Brandenburg was handed an ultimatum in his grandfather’s will—marry or forfeit the fortune, estates and title. With the season ended, he had little choice but to go to his country home to find a local woman of birth to marry.
What he found instead was a passionate armful with a parcel of danger following her…those who kidnapped her had claimed she was a princess, but Victoria was not as certain. To make matters worse she had fallen in love with her rescuer and protector. Could she dare to love him when she did not even know her own true identity?

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Lord Tristan’s True Love Litflix

Lord Tristan’s True Love

This is the litflix for the new novel by Kymber Lee. It’s a fun romp through Regency England in 1820. Will Caroline get the man she detests to break their engagement? Or won’t she? He saved her life only to be forced into an unwanted betrothal. Loathsome and annoying Lord Tristan has fallen in love with the delightful Caroline but she doesn’t want him. It’s a battle of two strong willed individuals. Who will win?

Hope you enjoyed the LitFlix! is the bomb when it comes to creating them.

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