Hello world!

Treasured Love is OUT and Lord Tristan’s True Love will be out this November!  Woot!  This makes three published books for me with a fourth one coming in December of 2012 (if all goes well!)  I am so incredibly blessed!  So, for this first blog for all things historical, regency romance; I thought I would give you a short synopsis of Treasured Love.

A small package carries big trouble.

Phillip Brandenburg was handed an ultimatum in his grandfather’s will marry or forfeit the fortune, estates and title. With the season ended, he had little choice but to go to his country home to find a local woman of birth to marry. What he found instead was a passionate armful with a parcel of danger following her…those who kidnapped her had claimed she was a princess, but Victoria was not as certain. To make matters worse she had fallen in love with her rescuer and protector. Could she dare to love him when she did not even know her own true identity?

As time goes by, I will be posting more tidbits from my books and regenecy trivia.  You can connect with me on any of the following:

Twitter: @KymberLeeAuthor

Facebook: Kimberly R Hughes

Pineterest: http://pinterest.com/whatsheknew/regency-era/

Where to purchase the book? “Treasured Love” http://tinyurl.com/9dfu3nc

Till we meet again!  Kymber Lee


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